Personalized  matrimonial figurines created just for you. These great customized statues can be used for anniversaries, birthday's, promotions, retirement, and any memorable occasion.

Hand sculpted just for you is what makes these hockey bride and groom wedding cake toppers so special.... it's that they incorporate all of your personal aspects, looks, passions, hobbies, occupations, activities and incorporates them into these miniature works of ceramic art.

Because we custom sculpt these bride and groom statuettes to order, you will see there is no need to be constrained by usual wedding convention. 

You can see we have our goatee groom with his distinctive purple bowtie, and our blond haired blue-eyed bride with her hockey stick triumphantly overhead. 

You will not find an anniversary or wedding topper  like this on any store shelf.... they're created just for you .....the only ones on the planet like it!

They generally take a month to be created, though we do everything to accommodate a rush order.... And have created many pieces in a much shorter period of time. 

Mounted on a 4 inch diameter base and approximately 4 to 5 inches tall.  Kiln firing the wedding / anniversary  clay figurines to 2000 degrees ensures a totally permanent statue.

Average price is $250 for the one-of-a-kind wedding day centerpiece - keepsake - momento - and- future family heirloom.

Take a look in our shop at this great assortment of Hockey Bride and Groom  wedding cake toppers

Remember we create from scratch for you... if you don't see what you want don't worry ....we will create it ...your personalied figurine wish is our command :-) 

Inquire - design - consult - any questions - call Hunter @  1 800 231 9814    


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