We all know love has no boundaries.... And it seems that some lovers enjoy crossing many international boundaries.

Backpacking, travelling, globe trotting Brides and Grooms... we offer to custom create the most memorable wedding keepsake for you. A diminutive work of matrimonial art modeled to your specifications.

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That is what makes these travellers wedding caketopper centrepeices  so special.... it's that they incorporate all of your personal aspects, looks, passions, hobbies, occupations, activities and incorporates them into these miniature works of  fired ceramic art.

They generally take a month to be created, though we do everything to accommodate a rush order.... And have created many pieces in a much shorter period of time.

These miniature works of art  are on a 4 inch diameter base and are approximately 4 to 5 inches tall. Average price is $235 for the custom sculptured wedding statuette.

Inquire - design - consult - any questions - call Hunter @  1 800 231 9814      magicmud@magicmud.com

crown your cake with the greatest wedding keepsake!

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