Harley motorcycle wedding cake topper for Army veterans. This patriotic couple has served America proudly. 

They love each other dearly,  and they do love their Harley... So what better way to incorporate both passions then this personalized matrimonial figurine for Harley Davidson riders.

Because we custom sculpt these bride and groom statuettes to order, you will see there is no need to be constrained by usual wedding convention.

That means you can have your bearded groom with a bandanna and cool sunglasses with his bride riding along with him. And we have incorporated their military service badges and emblems on their vests, meticulously sized for the personalize figurines.

She's adorned in the finest leather biker vest, blue jeans and boots ...you know...the usual matrimonial garb. :-) 

That is what makes these motorcycle cake toppers so special.... it's that they incorporate all of your personal aspects, looks, passions, hobbies, occupations, activities and incorporates them into these miniature works of  fired ceramic art.

They generally take a month to be created, are on a 4 inch diameter base and are approximately 4 to 5 inches tall. Average price is $250 for the custom sculptured Harley Davidson wedding cake topper.

Take a look in our shop at this great assortment of Harley motorcycle wedding cake toppers

Remember we create from scratch for you... if you don't see what you want don't worry ....we will create it ...your wedding cake topper wish is our command :-)

Inquire - design - consult - any questions - call Hunter @  1 800 231 9814      magicmud@magicmud.com

crown your cake with the greatest wedding keepsake!

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