What a pleasure to create this cake topper figurine for a same-sex wedding.

These two Brides are an athletic pair, and wanted to be portrayed running a triathlon!

We sculpt these gay bride figurines to our clients desire, hence forth there was no need for any gowns for these ladies.

 These lesbian women in the video below, wanted to be portrayed in there running shoes, shorts and tank tops. It was fun incorporating their picture together on the cover of the Runners Journal... How neat a touch is that?


And I don't believe any other gay cake topper makers spend the time and energy to create that type of personalized photographic embellishment. 

One bride is enjoying her Starbucks while the other is multitasking on her iPhone........ All the while their faithful hound is keeping his wedding day cool.

Please let us know the  specifics you would like to incorporate into your own personalized same sex matrimonial statue.

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