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My wife Lois and I have had the pleasure to custom create clay figurines together since 1977.... Please take a look at some our recent matrimonial figurines, sculpted specifically for our clients. 

And do let us know if there's anything we can do to model the perfect wedding cake topper for you, a family member or  friend's marriage.

 We have sculpted a wide variety of clay art in our history, the wedding cake topper's here are a chapter in our continuing story......  they are the featured "stars" of this site!

 please visit us as well at   magicmud.com.  

   we have an Etsy site for custom figurines that dont involve marriage :-) ...meaning occupational statues, sports,  custom birthday figurines etc.


We will try to post current matrimonial figurines and other creations of interest here on this blog

               Thanks for taking the time to visit :-)

                          Hunter Vaughan


Let the Wedding Cake Topper World Series Begin!!.....

World series of matrimony ... baseball wedding cake toppers